Closeness To ALLAH … How Do You Rate?

Al-Hamdulillah! Indeed, all Praises to the Sustainer of the worlds, and Grace, Honour and Salutations on the Chief of Apostle and Seal of Prophets, Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam), His Family, Companions and those who followed Him in an excellent manner and invited mankind towards ALLAH TA’ALA till the Day of Resurrection.

We, Muslims, are in the age of weakness in religion, lazy with regards to performing acts of worship, busy with worldly matters and yet constantly finding that we are unable to reap the fruits of our labour. Frantically, we search for causes and examine all our affairs – except that which is closest to us, the Prayer. “Successful indeed are the believers. Those who offer their Prayers with humility and attentiveness.” [Surah 23:1-2]

The Prayer (Salaat) has become bothersome, unimportant, ignored and at times, even abandoned. Whether we are desperate for success or would welcome the thought of it, few of us recognize that the manner in which we perform our prayer, in fact determines whether or not we will taste the sweetness of this success.

Regarding the manner of prayer (Salaat):

1. There are those who wrong themselves by falling into shortcomings in the Salaat, such as performing imperfect wudhu, performing the Salaat late and disregarding perfection concerning the pillars of the Salaat. They will be recompensed for their shortcomings.

2. There are those who perform Salaat on time, after making an excellent wudhu, and preserve the Salaat’s pillar and obligations. However when they perform the Salaat, they fall victim to stray thoughts, thus loosing concentration and attention of the heart. They will be questioned about their inadequacy.

3. A third category strives to preserve the pillars and obligations of the Salaat and repel all types of thoughts and doubts, this type is busy in the Salaat, as well as fighting the enemy – Shaytaan – so that he does not steal any part of this Salaat. They will gain forgiveness for this effort.

4. When the fourth type stand up for Salaat, they fulfill the obligation and limits of the Salaat and dedicate their hearts to attending to its acts so that they may not lose any part of it. Their concern is directed at establishing the Salaat perfectly and on time, thinking only about ALLAH TA’ALA. They will be rewarded.

5. This type stands up to perform the Salaat in the manner as the former type and in addition to placing their hearts between the Hands of ALLAH TA’ALA they feel ALLAH’S Love and Might as if gazing directly at HIM. In this state, all doubts and concerns vanish from their hearts and minds, dissipating them and their Rabb.

The difference between the exalted standard of performing the Salaat by the fifth type, as compared to the next best (fourth) type, is the difference between the heavens and earth. The fifth type is fully attentive, delighted and content in their Salaat with ALLAH TA’ALA. As for them, they are the ones close to ALLAH, because they are those whom the Salaat is the comfort of their eyes. So in which category do you fall? “O Muslims! The Salaat! The Salaat!” These words were the last which our beloved Nabi (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) said before He passed away, and the first thing which the servant will be accountable for on the Day of Qiyaamah. So fear ALLAH with regard to your own souls, and take account of yourselves before you are taken to account.

O ALLAH! Open the locks of our hearts by YOUR memorization and exhaust YOUR Boons and YOUR Bounties, and make us among the virtuous servants. O ALLAH! Give me the most that YOU would give to YOUR virtuous servants.

~The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the ♥~


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