Beauty Of A Muslim Woman

Hijaab is her honour and dignity.

She is patient through perseverence.

Home is her dwelling for peace and contentment.

She finds comfort in her five daily Salaah.

Remembrance of ALLAH TA’ALA is her pillar of strength.

She has been raised to the highest of ranks of being a pious woman.

Deen is her weapon.

She finds happiness and tranquility by reciting the beautiful Qur’aan Sharief.

Family is her love and support.

She pleases ALLAH TA’ALA by following the Sunnah of HIS beloved Messenger (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam).

Love, kindness and compassion defines her character.

She has been given the honour of being a mother and Jannah lies under her feet.

Her beauty, modesty and chastity are like guarded gems behind her veil.

She believes in ALLAH TA’ALA and the last day; obeys HIS command and heeds HIS prohibition.

She develops a balanced, likeable character, one that is attractive both in appearance and in her thinking, reasoning, behaviour and reactions.

She polishes her soul through worship and Dhikr. Her guideline in all of this is to maintain a precise balance between all aspects of her personality.

She treats her parents with kindness, respect and surrounds them with every type of care, honour and respect.

She is an ideal wife, intelligent, respectful, obedient, tolerant and loving, eager to please him and to respect and honour his family.

With her friends and sisters in Islam, she is distinguished from other women by way in which she builds her relationship with them on a basis of love for the sake of ALLAH TA’ALA.

From the rich spring of Islam she derives her customs, habits and behaviour and the ethics and value which purify her soul and form her distinct social character.

She is of good character (has a good attitude towards others) and is sincere and straightforward with all people.

She chooses work that suits her feminine nature.

She enjoins what is good and forbids what is evil.

She measures her habits and customs against the standards of Islam.

And she upholds the flag of Islam with these fine qualities which has a sound concept of life, the universe and humanity, and a deep awareness of her important role.

~The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the ♥~


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