A True Friend – نشيد صديقي

No one Loves you more than your beautiful Creator

Created you with love, wanting to see you smile

Ready to share your pain, Helping you go further

You take a step towards HIM, HE will run to you a mile

You give HIM a share of your love, HE will give you more

If you trapped in darkness, HE will Shower you with light

No one understands you more than your Glorious Lord

When no one wants to listen, HE will listen to you

When no one wants to know, HE will be your Friend

Don’t ever think you’re alone, HE is always with you

Don’t ever be afraid, HE will give you Sustenance

The Beauty of HIS Mercy and Compassion bestowed upon you

It is all part of HIS signs to show HIS Love for you

Who will then reject HIS Love? Reject HIS Companionship?

Truly they will be unsuccessful in this world and in the Hereafter

Don’t throw away the Benevolence of HIS Love

Don’t leave the only True Friend you have

Because ALLAH loves you more than anybody does


Despair not of the Mercy of ALLAH, verily, ALLAH forgives all sins.

Truly HE is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful

Qur’aan: 39 : 53

By لمشاري العرادة

~The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the ♥~


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