Love Personified – A Mothers Gift To Her Daughter

It was a sunday evening I stood by my bedroom window admiring the golden rays of a beautiful sunset, Subhaan-ALLAH! Tears began streaming down my face as I turned the pages of my life. How I wish my beloved mom was here to enjoy this breath-taking view with me. Al-Hamdulillah! A mother who was my best teacher, my root and my foundation. She planted the seed that I base my life on, and molded me into the woman that I am today.

“A Mother’s lap is the child’s first school as well as fostering institution: and the lessons learnt from this institution are more indelible than a line carved on a rock.”

She was very kind, soft-hearted, warm, loving and compassionate towards ladies of all races those she knew and to those she never knew. One beautiful quality of her’s that really touched hearts was, she always put people’s needs before her very own. I lost this precious soul the year I completed my qadhaa fast. It was one of the saddest and emotional year for me and my family. She was diagnosed with kidney problem which led her to go on dialysis, a treatment that lasted only six months.

Within those six months there were days of painful moments. I watched her condition deteriorate so rapidly… I would turn away to try and hide the tears that welled up involuntarily. After regaining my composure I would turn back giving her the assurance that she will be fine by the Mercy of ALLAH TA’ALA. Her last moments deeply crushed me… her dialysis rejected. Her blood pressure was high and a severe throbbing headache led to the bursting of a nerve in her brain. What was so heart wrenching with all that excruciating pain she never complained, but, instead she clasped my hands never to let go…

It was only by the Mercy of ALLAH that HE took her away. Four years since her demise I miss her so dearly; her warm smile, her therapeutic hugs, her motherly advice, her strong shoulder to cry on and her unconditional love. I realized mothers are the greatest embodiment of love. Today, I keep her action metre running by doing deeds that will earn her Thawaab-e-Jaariyah in the Aakhirah. And I make constant Du’a that ALLAH forgives her and grant her the highest stages in Jannah. Aameen! I firmly believe whatever decision ALLAH makes is in accordance to HIS wisdom and knowledge, and to accept it without questioning. I humbly thank my beautiful and loving ALLAH for blessing me with an ‘amazing’ mother. And, Al-Hamdulillah, she left behind a beautiful legacy. Each year I accept life without her presence and find comfort in the remembrance of my Beloved Creator, HE gives me a reason to smile.

The one thing I appreciate most in my life is the blessing of a dear mother who has loved, supported and cared for me throughout the course of my life. There is nothing in this world quite like a mother’s unconditional love – she helped me grow with the warmth of her radiant love, she gave me hope and showed me faith that I may be able to do for others as she did for me. I do not think I will ever be able to put into words the depth of my gratitude and love for my mother but this is one of my attempts to do so. I am forever thankful and appreciative of the blessing of a wonderful and loving mother. I love her as the trees love water and sunshine – she helped me grow, prosper, and reach great heights.

Beloved Reader! If you still have this precious soul in your life, thank ALLAH for giving you this opportunity to be with her and take pleasure in her affection. Acknowledge this blessing and do your best for this beautiful soul.
Because if she is gone ……….don’t regret!!!

“There is no difference between flowers and a mother, both are very delicate extremely beautiful creations of Almighty ALLAH.”

Dedicated to my loving Mother ♥

~The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the ♥~


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