Ten Ways To Develop Daughter’s Self-Confidence

[1] Draw up simple guidelines to follow by explaining her the beautiful teachings of Qur’aan Sharief and Sunnah. This will direct her in obeying ALLAH in which HE has made permissible and keep away from that which HE has forbidden.

[2] Bring to her awareness of noble attributes and good manners, and instill in her a dislike for bad manners, deeds and words, and the need to steer clear trivial matters.

[3] Occupy her with some tasks that she is able to do. If she makes a mistake you should praise her for her initiative and encourage her.

[4] Praise her for the acts of worship that she does, such as reading her five daily Salaah, reciting and memorizing the Qur’aan Sharief, doing well in her studies, having a good attitude.

[5] Teach her the virtues of fasting, for when she stands firm in the face of hunger and thirst when fasting, she will experience the joy of achieving victory over her Naffs (self), which will strengthen her will-power when facing life, which in turn will increase her self-confidence.

[6] Strengthening her confidence in gaining knowledge, by teaching her the love of ALLAH and HIS beautiful Deen (Islam), so that she will grow up having acquired abundant knowledge in childhood, thus it will give her a sense of confidence in the knowledge that she has.

[7] If she has done something wrong, explain her in a gentle manner where she has gone wrong and give her proof that will convince her to avoid mistake in future; you should not belittle or scold her, and certainly not in front of others.

[8] In times of failure never criticize her, for it will destroy her motivation to act or to compete in doing anything and doing it well. Instead, be understanding and give her hope.

[9] Instill a sense of confidence in her by encouraging her skills, talents and personality to develop. Make her feel secure in her identity and show her that she is loved and appreciated. This will have a positive impact on her future relationships and how she interacts with the world.

[10] A Mother’s upbringing produces the best result. Instill in her heart the best qualities, so that she will grow up to be a proud Muslimah, enabling her to do the same with her children, In’Shaa’ALLAH!

A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer.
Good daughters make good mothers.

~The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the ♥~


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