Ways To Create An Islamic Environment At Home

[1.] We are the sower’s, we need to plant firmly the seeds of Imaan and a life of pious actions which will bear the fruits of Taqwa making our homes a place of serenity, peace and contentment.

[2.] It is essential that we make our homes a place of Dhikrullah, i.e. all kinds of Dhikr, Dhikr of the heart, the tongue, performing Salaah, reciting Qur’aan Sharief, acquiring Deeni knowledge and reading various books on Deen.

[3.] Encourage your house members to pray, fast, give charity, give charity as means of increasing faith.

[4.] Have a box at home for donations to the poor and needy: whatever is put in the box belongs to them, because it is their vessel in the Muslim home.

[5.] Allocate some time for the family, and even others such as relatives, to hold a study-circle at home and encourage them to come regularly, so that it will be an ongoing commitment for you and them.

[6.] Education for our family’s: have an Islaamic library with an excellent selection of books of varying levels, to cover all age levels and language needs of those in the home. One way in which you can help family members find a book when they want it is to organize the books according to subject Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh… etc.

[7.] Invite pious people home and have programs of Ta’leem with learned people and learn Ahkaam of Shari’ah among the family.

[8.] Have a home audio library containing good Islamic CDs by Scholars who are striving to raise the awareness of the Ummah, establish proof and denounce evil is very important for establishing individual personalities in the Muslim home.

[9.] We often find that CDs for children have a great influence on them. Have them listen to young Qur’aan reciter, or Du’as recited at various times of the day and night, or Islamic manners, or Anasheeds (with no instrumental accompaniment) with a useful message that will inspire and aspire them.

[10.] Your home is a special area in this world for you and your family. The home is said to be paradise on earth – as long as it is furnished with beautiful Islamic values.

May ALLAH give us the ability to develop an authentic Islamic Home filled with love, peace, happiness, a home of Qur’aan and Sunnah, Salaah, Dhikr and all other good pious Deeds, a home that will stand out from amongst the rest from where Deen will flourish and be a means of others to accept and practice. And may HE keep us firm on HIS beautiful Deen-ul-Islam, Aameen!!!

~The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the ♥~


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