The Husband Who Was Too Shy To Look At His Wife (a moving story)

This story was recounted by Prof. Khalid Al-Jubeir, consulting cardiovascular surgeon, in one of his lectures:


Once I operated on a two and a half year old child. It was Tuesday, and on Wednesday the child was in good health. On Thursday at 11:15 am – and I’ll never forget the time because of the shock I experienced – one of the nurses informed me that the heart and breathing of the child had stopped. I hurried to the child and performed cardiac massage for 45 minutes and during that entire time the heart would not work.

Then, ALLAH decreed for the heart to resume function and we thanked HIM. I went to inform the child’s family about his condition. As you know, it is very difficult to inform the patient’s family about his condition when it’s bad. This is one of the most difficult situations a doctor is subjected to but it is necessary. So I looked for the child’s father whom I couldn’t find. Then I found his mother. I told her that the child’s cardiac arrest was due to bleeding in his throat; we don’t know the cause of this bleeding and fear that his brain is dead. So how do you think she responded? Did she cry? Did she blame me? No, nothing of the sort. Instead, she said: “Al-Hamdulillah” (All Praise is due to ALLAH) and left me.

After 10 days, the child started moving. We thanked ALLAH and were happy that his brain condition was reasonable. After 12 days, the heart stopped again because of the same bleeding. We performed another cardiac massage for 45 minutes but this time his heart didn’t respond. I told his mother that there was no hope. So she said: “Al-Hamdulillah. O ALLAH, if there is good in his recovery, then cure him, O my Lord.”

With the grace of ALLAH, his heart started functioning again. He suffered six similar cardiac arrests till a trachea specialist was able to stop the bleeding and the heart started working properly. Now, three and a half months had passed and the child was recovering but did not move. Then just as he started moving, he was afflicted with a very large and strange pus-filled abscess in his head, the likes of which I had never seen. I informed his mother of the serious development. She said: “Al-Hamdulillah” and left me.

We immediately turned him over to the surgical unit that deals with the brain and nervous system and they took over his treatment. Three weeks later, the boy recovered from this abscess but was still not moving. Two weeks pass and he suffers from a strange blood poisoning and his temperature reaches 41.2°C (106°F). I again informed his mother of the serious development and she said with patience and certainty: “Al-Hamdulillah! O ALLAH, if there is good in his recovery, then cure him.”

After seeing his mother who was with her child at Bed#5, I went to see another child at Bed#6. I found that child’s mother crying and screaming, “Doctor! Doctor! Do something! The boy’s temperature reached 37.6°C (99.68°F)! He’s going to die! He’s going to die! I said with surprise, “Look at the mother of that child in Bed#5. Her child’s fever is over 41°C (106°F), yet she is patient and praises ALLAH.” So she replied: “That woman isn’t conscious and has no senses.” At that point, I remembered the great Hadith of the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam): “Blessed are the strangers.” Just two words… but indeed two words that shake a nation! In 23 years of hospital service, I have never seen the likes of this patient sister.

We continued to care for him. Now, six and a half months have passed and the boy finally came out of the recovery unit – not talking, not seeing, not hearing, not moving, not smiling, and with an open chest in which you can see his beating heart. The mother changed the dressing regularly and remained patient and hopeful. Do you know what happened after that? Before I inform you, what do you think are the prospects of a child who has passed through all these dangers, agonies, and diseases? And what do you expect this patient mother to do whose child is at the brink of the grave and who is unable to do anything except supplicate and beseech ALLAH? Do you know what happened two and a half months later? The boy was completely cured by the mercy of ALLAH and as a reward for this pious mother. He now races his mother with his feet as if nothing happened and he became sound and healthy as he was before.

The story doesn’t end here. This is not what moved me and brought tears to my eyes. What filled my eyes with tears is what follows:

One and a half years after the child left the hospital, one of the brothers from the Operations Unit informed me that a man, his wife and two children wanted to see me. I asked who they were and he replied that he didn’t know them. So I went to see them, and I found the parents of the same child whom I operated upon. He was now five years old and like a flower in good health – as if nothing happened to him. With them also was a four-month old newborn. I welcomed them kindly and then jokingly asked the father whether the newborn was the 13th or 14th child. He looked at me with an astonishing smile as if he pitied me. He then said, “This is the second child, and the child upon whom you operated is our first born, bestowed upon us after 17 years of infertility. And after being granted that child, he was afflicted with the conditions that you’ve seen.”

At hearing this, I couldn’t control myself and my eyes filled with tears. I then involuntarily grabbed the man by the arm, and pulling him to my room, asked him about his wife: “Who is this wife of yours who after 17 years of infertility has this much patience with all the fatal conditions that afflict her first born?! Her heart cannot be barren! It must be fertile with Imaan!” Do you know what he said? Listen carefully my dear brothers and sisters. He said, “I was married to this woman for 19 years and for all these years she has never missed the [late] night prayers except due to an authorized excuse. I have never witnessed her backbiting, gossiping, or lying. Whenever I leave home or return, she opens the door, supplicates for me, and receives me hospitably. And in everything she does, she demonstrates the utmost love, care, courtesy, and compassion.” The man completed by saying, “Indeed, doctor, because of all the noble manners and affection with which she treats me, I’m shy to lift up my eyes and look at her.” So I said to him: “And the likes of her truly deserve that from you.”

The End…

ALLAH says: “And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient; Who, when calamity strikes them, say, “Indeed we belong to ALLAH, and indeed to HIM we will return.” Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the [rightly] guided.” [Surah 2:155-157]

Umm Salamah (the wife of the Prophet) said: I heard the Messenger of ALLAH (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) saying: “There is no Muslim who is stricken by a calamity and says what ALLAH has commanded him – ‘Indeed we belong to ALLAH, and indeed to Him we will return; O ALLAH, reward me for my affliction and compensate me with that which is better’ – except that ALLAH will grant him something better in exchange.” When Abu Salamah [her former husband] passed away, I said to myself: “What Muslim is better than Abu Salamah?” I then said the words, and ALLAH gave me the Messenger of ALLAH (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) in exchange. [Sahih Muslim]

~The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the ♥~


95 thoughts on “The Husband Who Was Too Shy To Look At His Wife (a moving story)

  1. aslm alikum sister in islam.. i got this story on an email and googled it.. this is where i reached. do you have any refrence for this story? pl advise.. jazakallahu khair..

  2. this story holds so much of value in principle about sincerity,perserverance & respect earned through Faith and devotion! Truly uplifting and a gr8t example for me to follow! Wow! What a lovely & noble character! I admire her courage and love!

  3. What an excellent example! A true servant of Allah who placed her full trust in Him. May Allah be pleased with us all. Ameen

  4. Subhaanallah…indeed ω°̩ℓℓ almighty Allah bless those that are patient..wat ∕̴Ɩ touching,inspiring story

  5. Alhamdulillah…this is true sincerity n beauty of the heart.May Allah grant us the patience n sparkling heart of this kind…ameen…I loved this story

  6. آلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَ رَحْمَةُ اللَّـهِ وَبَرَكَاتُه
    مَا شَاءَ اللَّـهُ لَا قُوَّةَ إِلَّا بِاللَّـهِ
    That ‎​ɪƨ‎ c∕̴Ɩ truely heart touching story ά̲и∂ an eye opener Ƒ☺я esch ά̲и∂ every one õƑ us. May اَللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى fill our hearts with such magnificent qualities as т̲ђε Muslimah ɪи т̲ђε story. May اَللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى increase us c∕̴Ɩƪƪ ɪи امان ά̲и∂ help us live т̲ђε lives like that õƑ Ummul Mumineen…… إِنْ شَاءَ اللَّهُ آمين …..
    وَالسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَ رَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُُ

  7. سُبْحَانَ اللَّهِ ! What an inspiring story! May اللَّه سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى bless us all with this ability 2 have immense Faith n Sabr no matter what our trials in life maybe! إن شا ء أ لله اَمِيْنْ يَارَبَّلْعَالَمِيْن

  8. Subhanallah
    Alot of inspiraion also one message to learn from it for all sisters to be fearfull to allah almighty mean while fullfilling the right of husband.

  9. Subhaanallah wat an inspirational story n wat great lesson to be learnt 4rm it…..May Allah SWT grant us all this quality of taqwa n sabr ameen

    • What a wonderful story that we can learn and we can practice our deen and teacher others also
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  10. Masha Allah, Subhanallah, Ya Allah pls give me da Subr n Imaan of this Muslim daughter,mother n wife n make of the pious

  11. A true eye opener for us women who so emotional to every thing around us.truly am amazing story.May ALLAH make us of thoes who r patient ∕̴Ɩиϑ turn to him in our tim of need.

  12. I feel your stories and hadith are really amazing infact all hadith are..
    Just that when youl write a st0ry I feel its only right to say “passed away” instead of “died”

  13. SubhanAllah! So beautifully inspiring! May Allah grant us all such a high level of Imaan & grant us the ability to live a life which is pleasing to Him.. Aameen Ya Rabbal Aa’lameen.

  14. We should all aspire to have that kind of shabar and imaan inshaAllah I hope and pray with every naseegah we become a more God fearing. Ummah

  15. Subhanallah!
    A beautiful story! Its a wonder if we have such capabilities in these times we living in? Can we endure such hardship with that much faith n patience?? I dunno! May Allah grant us these favours,Ameen!

  16. The story about the mother with a sick child. Heart touching story. May Allah grant all mothers such patience and give them the strength when needed. Lesson to be learnt.

  17. Iv had two miscarriages but alhumdurrilah I’m blessed with a boy there’s no better feeling than being a mother this is a very inspirational story

  18. What a lovely story it touched mine and my wifes heart and now I look at my wife and see what she does 4 me and how much she cares and love me.

  19. This was such a lovely story .. Brought tears to my eyes , may Allah give all of us the patience of this great woman

  20. I’m really really touched by this story , May Allah mk us all hv sabr through our difficult tyms,,, jazakallah 4 sharing this story with us !!

  21. Alhamdililah shukr to Allah. May we all learn this valuable lesson Insha Allah Ameen. Make duah tht AllAh the most mercifull most Caring put sabr in the hearts of all Muslims wen we face any kind of trials Insha Allah Ameen

  22. It’s a beautifull story that we can learn so much about. I admire her love and courage. Hope we as muslim take note wish all muslim with tawaak and imaan inshallah ameen.

  23. I hav really been touched by this beautiful imaan filled story. It brought tears to my eyes as I no the true path 2 allah is full of test n obstacles. I hav suffered 6 losses, miscarriages, stillborns, even emergency ceasars in which 1 my dreams were fulfilled n 1 my heart was shattered. The 2nd 1 was a bby girl dat survived 4 17days at 450gram n suffered evry complication possible until as a mother u ask allah 2 do the best 4 ur child. I mke shukar 4 all situations allah has put me in. After 7yrs I had a son at 1kg and walking a tough road 4 da 1st 2yrs of hs life shukar hs now 4 n 1/2yrs. If some1 is not in ur situation they never understand ur feelings n u learn 2 build ur imaan n courage n walk alone wd the guidance of allah.

  24. Jazakallah for the story. Had a good cry for this family. We’ve been trying for 3 years now. But Alhamdulillah, had it not been for this journey, I would never been as close to Allah as I am now.

  25. Asalaamu-alaikum,

    I wish to thank the writer for a beautiful insight on real life. We are life gifted by the
    Almighty ALLAH (swt). This story has just enlightened us that in times of need we all must accept the decision that ALLAH (swt) makes as ALLAH (swt) knows best, our creator the best and the most merciful. To him do we belong and to him we shall return. Sabr (patience) is a virtue and believing in ALLAH (swt) extends our true imaan.

    I make dua for all muslim brothers and sisters all over the world Insha-Allah, as we experience challenges and difficulties provide us with the strength of strong imaan and sabr..


  26. I too wish I could possess qualities like that. Masha Allah. May Allah bless us all and allow us to take heed and learn from situations like this. Insha Allah

  27. Subhaanallah! Most inspiring. May Allah bless us with such virtue and unimaginable mercies, Insha’Allah Aameen. May we all allow such Faith in Allah encompass our hearts too.

  28. Assalaamu Alaykum siter…Shukran for this beautiful story. A reminder to us all as Muslimaat the wonders of Allah through perseverence. May Allah strengthen our Imaan n grant us to have lots of Sabr…Ameen.

  29. After reading the story and reading the comments and noticing what ppl have been going through – I have a lot to be greatful and I have much to learn to be a better Muslim!

  30. Salam
    O Allah grant us with this kind of patience in which u have granted this woman. May Aljanna be our final abode.

  31. Allahu Akbar! What a touching story it really change something in me which I can not disclose. May Allah continue to guide us. I really learn from the story. Masha Allah.

  32. Salam.. Faith is an ultimate weapon.
    Having it is one task on one hand and using it is another task on the other. May Allah (SWT) continue to make us Faithful; may He bless us with Imaan. Ramadan Kareem brothers and sisters.

  33. Assalamualaikum jazakallah for sharing this beautiful story. We are all tested in so many ways! I am 1 of the victims of being tested by Allah with my children alghamdulillah. I can only admire this woman for her patience and perseverence and know that Allah is there for us and after every storm comes peace inshallah. We are just visitors on this dunya and we hav to practise patience and be satisfied with what Allah has ordained for us. Alghamdulillah i was blessed with a good husband after a failed 19 year marriage and he is an excellent example of faith and perseverence to every 1 out there be paient only good comes afterwards wslm

  34. This story should b send to all muslim faithful. In did is a good 1 2 read all d time. Alhamdulil’LAH.

  35. Heya i am for the first time here. I found this board and
    I find It truly useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

  36. May Allah reward you abundantly. I will print it out for others to benefit and share it on facebook. May Allah reward all of us.

  37. This is the perfect website for anyone who wants
    to understand this topic. You know a whole lot its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa).
    You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject that has been
    discussed for years. Wonderful stuff, just great!

  38. This is really attention-grabbing, You’re an overly professional blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking extra of your excellent post. Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks

  39. Assalamualaikum jazakumullahu khair what a touching story. May Allah SWT increases our patient and imaan amin. Wasssalamualaikum

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